Welcome to our new blog, in which you will find unique analysis and insights into legal developments affecting asset managers and investment funds in the United States. Few other businesses are as defined by regulation as asset management or struggle with greater regulatory challenges. The challenges stem not only from the inherent difficulties and complexities of the subject, but also the profusion of regulators with inconsistent, sometimes conflicting, policy objectives. The combination of banking, securities, commodities, fiduciary, tax and accounting rules can create a Gordian knot of legal questions.

The lawyers of the Investment Management group of Perkins Coie LLP don’t wield swords, so we have to tease out these legal knots, rather than just cutting through them. This blog will identify new legal tangles and provide fresh perspectives on old ones. Some posts may suggest ways to unravel a knot; other posts may explain how current or proposed policies would only tighten it.

We hope to cover a broad range of topics that should be of interest to anyone who manages money or sells investment products in any capacity. We expect to address broad policy issues as well as esoteric practical quandaries. In other words, this blog will reflect the issues we wrestle with each day while representing our clients.